Benefits of Storytelling for Children

Benefits of Storytelling for Children

Do you know storytelling is an Art!

We all have grown up listening to stories from our parents, grandparents, uncles, and aunties. Remember how much we used to love that storytime! 

In this article, we will discuss the Benefits of Storytelling for Children!

Would you ask one question to yourself…

As a parent, How much time do you spend with your child by telling them stories?

You know stories play a very important role in your child’s development and growth! How? Well, we have the answer to that.

According to the study, adults are good at paying attention to what you tell them but children notice everything broadly and hence are better in grasping new things.

Kids love stories. It is proven.

The story they read or listen to and the characters they got to know become their friends. They start relating themselves to the characters in the story.

Unfortunately today, parents are getting soo busy with their jobs and the storytelling is becoming obsolete so they prefer to hand their kids tablets or gadgets, instead of taking them to the world of imagination through the stories.

Without stories, your child may miss out on the important development milestones.

So, let us first understand this!

Why are stories and storytelling is important for children?

Storytelling holds a very important role in communicating ideas to children. 

Storytelling is really an interactive way to spend quality time with your child which will strengthen the bond you have with them. For the child, he has the undivided attention of parents at that time which is even more beautiful for their relation.

The child listens and focuses on the voice of the storyteller helps in improving their intonation. They learn how to understand emotions, they learn different shade between anger, happiness, sadness and in that way they also learn to express themselves.

Storytelling actually stimulates imagination, curiosity and enhances perceptual development. Stories are the best way to communicate your message without being Preachy!

Storytelling improves language skills and diction. Stories are a great way to introduce new words and ideas to a child. Stories can help children learn about the concept like shape, size, color, directions, etc.

Involving children while telling a story improves their focus. You can ask them to turn the pages, or you can ask them questions like what do you think what going to happen next? That will help to improve their imagination!

And the best thing about learning through stories is that the process is done in a natural way. They learn simply reading the story.

Stories can be helpful for relaxation before bedtime. For example, they allow kids to forget the stresses and strain of the day and indulge in fantasy for a while.

Stories help to develop a child’s imagination by introducing new ideas about other planets, a beautiful and fantastical world, invented characters and different points of time.

Storytelling is a way of value education that encourages communication and teaches children to express themselves.

When a child read stories that contain emotions it can help them to understand and express their own feelings. It will help to understand the feelings are normal and should be expressed

Now you can understand children’s stories are important for a number of reasons and it is an important part of growing up

Type of Stories You Can Tell Children (Storytelling):

There are different types of genres in stories. We have discussed some of them in this article.

1. Moral Stories:

Children love reading and listening to different characters and story plots. What if your child could be taught good living manners and habits through stories, that could be helpful in their everyday lives?

Actually, the way the child behaves, reacts, talks and responds to the situation can be easily influenced by simple moral stories!

2. Inspirational Stories:

Stories about great personalities, leaders, warriors, scientists, and their struggles and achievements are the greatest source of encouragement and inspiration for the child. In fact, your child will learn that there is nothing like end and you can achieve your dreams.

Reading inspirational stories gives your child a chance to learn new things and it can inspire your child to feel excited about reading.

3. Bedtime Stories:

Bedtime stories are great to relax your child from the stress and strain of the day. And additionally, bedtime stories can help to calm the child and will help him to sleep peacefully.

For parents, in today’s busy world bedtime stories are the best way to strengthen the bond between their kids. In fact, you can ask them to predict the end of the story or you can ask them questions this will help their memory and creative thinking.

4. Adventure Stories:

Adventure stories are the best way to get your child more curious because adventure stories are filled with thrilling plots. It makes the child predict the next move, pick up clues and solve problems.

Adventure stories help children to make a mature decision and focus better. They develop problem-solving qualities between them.

5. Funny Stories:

The valuable lessons hidden inside funny stories are hard to miss. They bring out values and morals in a fun and entertaining way. Most of the parents think that funny stories are filled with silly pictures and characters, but this is far from the truth.

As an adult, we might not connect to the learning element of the funny story but kids can easily connect themselves with pictures, shapes, colors, and sizes.

6. Fairy Tale Stories:

The characters like talking animals, dwarfs, elves, fairies, mermaids are more popular among kids. These stories help children to enter the fantasy world with infinite imagination, beautiful characters and always happy endings!

Fairy tale stories helps to develop the creative side of the kid’s brain. They can use their imagination to express their thoughts better.

7. Horror Stories:

Life is not always about fairies, angels and elves. Some kids love the occasional scares and ghosts. These stories are simple and effective. If your child is bored with happy ending fairy tales, then this could be the genre you can try.

Horror stories teach them to be strong, powerful, face fear and defeat evil.

These are some of the story genre you should definitely try with your child. Ask your children to pick out the stories that they will love. Storytelling is something you can use creatively and effectively.


  • Storytelling is an art. It is not a process, method or technique. Storytelling an incredibly valuable tool that will help you in the all-round development of your kids.
  • It stimulates imagination, curiosity and enhances perceptual development.
  • Storytelling is a way of value education that improves language skills and diction.
  • It encourages communication and teaches children to express themselves.
  • Children learn how to understand emotions.

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What are the benefits of storytelling?

Storytelling stimulates imagination, curiosity and enhances perceptual development. It improves language skills, and diction. It can be a great way of value education. They learn to express themselves.

Why is it important for children to tell stories?

Your child going to learn a lot of things from the stories. Each and every character around us creates a diffrent story each and every character teaches as a different value. It helps your child o increase their communication skills, their listening ability. They understand the culture around the world!

What skills do children learn from the stories?

Communication skills.
Listening Abilities.
Verbal skills.
Imagination Skill.
Thinking Abilities.
Problem Solving Approach.
Reading Skills.
Improves Focus.

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