Best Short Stories For Kids With Morals

Short Stories For Kids

Kids love short stories with morals and every child loves stories for different reasons. Some of them love to go on an adventure with the characters, some of them love to travel with characters, and some of them take inspiration from their favorite characters.

Short stories are the best way to teach good habits and valuable manners to kids. You can teach them the values and morals without being self-righteous.

Perhaps the best way to help a child to express, imagine, think, explore, become problem-solving, understand emotions, habits, etc is via stories. The child enters into a completely different magical and imaginary world.

Stories that have morals and messages are always powerful and influencing medium. Here are some of the best short stories for kids with morals.

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Short Stories for Kids

Most of the children love listening and reading two or three stories over again and again that they love the most. Short Stories with less character and simple themes are easiest to remember.

In fact, it helps children to increase their vocabulary and literacy skills. Simple words are put together to form a story that can be read and heard easily by the child.

Let us now have look at amazing short stories for kids in English:


1.The Shoemaker And The Elves:

This story is about a hardworking old shoemaker and the elves, who helped old shoemaker to prosper his business. This story will teach your child to help others without any expectation. Some people are willing to help but are too shy to take help from others. You can be thankful to them in your heart. 

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2. Peter Pan:

This story follows the journey of the brave Peter Pan who shows his bravery by saving children from the pirates on his Neverland island. This thrilling and adventure story will teach your child that If you are brave enough and believe in yourself as well as risk-taking then there is no stopping for you.

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3. Sand And The Stone:

This story is about two friends, who travel through the desert. During the journey, they fight with each other but still remain best friends for life. The story will teach how to always remember good things about the relationship and friendship, and forget all the bad ones.

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4. The Little Prince:

The story is about the little prince who became a friend with the rose. But as time went by the prince stop liking rose and went around the universe in search of good friends. During his journey, he realizes the bond of his friendship with rose and comes back to his friend rose. This story will teach you to respect your bond of relationship with them, who always take care of you.

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5. The Little Red Riding Hood:

This story is about the little girls lived near the forest with their mother. One day she went to see her grandmother through the forest. But when she comes to the granny’s home she saw the wolf there. She bravely rescued her granny from the wolf. This story will teach you that courage is resistant to fear.

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Animal Short Stories For Kids:

Kids are always been fascinated by talking animals, which is perhaps most of the storybooks or cartoon shows on television have beasts as protagonists.

As a parent, it is a very important job to impart valuable knowledge to our children. Sometimes using talking animals in short stories for kids can make it easy and relatable to teach valuable morals in life for kids.

We have collected some of the most beautiful Animal Short Stories for kids that every child can enjoy in their bedtime stories.


6. The Wolf And The Seven Little Goats:

This animal story is about the wolf and the little goats. The wolf tries to attack the little goats very cunningly when their mother goat is not at home. But mother goat taught a lesson to the bad wolf and saves her children from the bad wolf. This story will teach you that, if you be bad to others, bad happens to you too.

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7. The Lazy Horse:

This short animal story for kids is about the lazy horse and his master. His master used to load sacks on horse and travels to town across the river every day. But lazy horse finds a trick to avoid hard work very cunningly. When his master finds out his trick he teaches the horse lesson very cleverly. This story focuses on work with honesty and sincerity because laziness will ruin you.

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The-Bat-The Beast-And-The-Birds

8. The Bat, The Beast, And The Birds:

This animal story for kids is about the war between the beast and the birds. The birds and the beast both approach the bat asking them to join their army. But bat refuses the offer of both, at the end war both the beasts and the birds decided to maintain peace and calls off the war. Through this tale, children will understand that they should not behave cunningly if someone asks for help.

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9. The Ugly Duckling:

This animal short story is based on the moral ‘a diamond doesn’t know it’s worth, till it’s polished. The story revolves around the duck who left alone by its family because of his ugly looks. One day the wedge of swans makes him know who he is! Children will love this beautiful short story.

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10. The Horse And The Snail:

Everyone knows the story of the race between the rabbit and the tortoise. But this short animal story is about the race between the horse and the snail. In this tale, the horse challenges the snail to race with him. The snail accepts the challenge and wins the race cleverly using his brain. The moral of this short story is ‘sometimes you should use your brains instead of muscles.’

(Read Full Story Here)

Stories of Panchtantra for Kids:

The Panchatantra stories collection was written by Indian scholar and author Vishnu Sharma in Sankrit language, between 1200 BCE – 300 CE. Panchatantra stories are one of the most liked books for their wisdom on practical life. The tales from Panchatantra are mostly based on the animals and come with a strong moral message.

To make storytime fun and informative we have collected some of the best short stories of Panchatantra for kids that will not only enhance your child’s imagination but also will teach some important life morals.


11. The Arrogant Lioness:

This is the story of Panchatantra. The story focuses on the arrogant lioness. The arrogant lioness never used to behave well with other animals in the jungle. Because of her arrogant behavior, other animals in the jungle decided to not help her in need. The story teaches us that we should never boast anything and should never hurt others.

(Read Full Story Here)


12. The Two-Headed Bird:

The two-headed bird is one of the famous stories of Panchatantra. The story is about the bird who had two heads and their relationship. This story will tell you how the ego can easily destroy anyone. The moral of this story is, that we should never let the ego come between relationships.

(Read Full Story Here)


13. The Naughty Squirrel:

The naughty squirrel is one of the beautiful short stories of Panchatantra for kids. The story is about the squirrel, who always used to make prank on the other animals in the jungle. One day she found herself in trouble because of her naughty behavior. And naughty squirrel learned the lesson that we should always obey the order of elders. Whatever they say they say for our good!

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14. The Horse And The Donkey:

The horse and the donkey is the story of Panchtantra for kids. The story focuses on the horse and the donkey of the washerman. The story will teach you, that it’s always more sensible to share the burden than to not help others.

(Read Full Story Here)


15. Elephant And The Ant:

The stories of the elephant and the ant are the most loved animal stories in kids. In this story of the elephant and the ant, the ant teaches a good lesson to an elephant who always used to trouble all the other animals in the jungle. This story will teach you, to never underestimate and hurt anyone.

(Read Full Story Here)


16. Lazy Son:

Lazy son is the story about a lazy boy. Because of his laziness, the boy in this story faces a lot of problems in is life. His grandfather helps him to find the solution to his problems. This story based on the moral, that laziness is the bad thing so we must complete our work on time by sacrificing our laziness.

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17. The Poor Farmer:

The poor farmer is the story of the farmer. The short story focuses on the poor farmer and rich man. Rich man did not help the poor framer in his needs. But at the end of the story, the rich man realizes his mistake. This story will teach you, that we should treat everyone well because we never know when that person who we act treating as a liability becomes a Savior.

(Read Full Story Here)

Short Stories Of Princess for Kids:

The stories of princesses for kids can be simple or intricate having a lot of twists and thrill. The stories of princesses for kids need not necessarily be all about graceful stuff, some princesses are brave, adventurous and heroic too.

We have collected some of the best short stories of princess for kids.


18. The Princess On The Glass Hill:

The Princess on The Glass Hill is the short story of three brothers and the princess. The story focuses on the courage of the youngest brother. The moral of the story is, that we should be thankful for the things that come our way. We never know how they may help us.

(Read Full Story Here)


19. The Princess And The Pea:

The princess and the pea is the story of the princess. The princess was passing by the one kingdom on a stormy night. But due to lighting her carriage dragged into slush. So she requests the kingdom queen for a place to stay for the night. The story is based on the moral, that if someone is a good person, people will be able to see that in him and if he is not people will be able to see that also.

(Read Full Story Here)


20. The Goose Girl:

The short story of the goose girl focuses on the journey of the princess. The princess travels to their friend’s king Shazam, to marry the prince. But her maid takes advantage of the simplicity of the princess. This story will teach you, that People who take-up another person’s identity are wrong and they finished up making trouble for themselves.

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Some More Bedtime Short Stories For Kids:

Here is the collection of some more bedtime short stories for kids that will help your child to enhance his/her imagination power and will teach them valuable life lessons.


21. Pied Piper Of Hamelin:

The Pied Piper Of Hamelin is one of the very famous short stories for kids. The story is about the town which was suffering from the trouble of the plague. The pied piper helps the town to get rid of the rats but with twist at the end! The story will teach you, that you should never be greedy and selfish.

(Read Full Story Here)


22. The Miser And his Gold:

The Miser And His Gold is the story of the miser, who had a lot of gold. But he always hated to spend the gold. So he used to bury the gold under the tree. This short stories for kids will teach you, that you should utilize your money in something good. Because wealth unused might as well not exist.

(Read Full Story Here)


23. Musicians Of Bremen:

The animal story, Musicians of Bremen focuses on the journey of the horse, cat, cock, and dog. They all start their journey to Bremen as they wanted to become musicians. Kids will love these animal short stories. This story will teach you, even when you think that nothing is working out. All you have to do is keep trying and things will turn around.

(Read Full Story Here)


24. The Town Mouse And The Country Mouse:

The town mouse and the country mouse is one of the animal short stories for kids, which focuses on the moral, that always be happy with life, the way it is! Kids will love this amazing story!

(Read Full Story Here)


25. The Oak tree And The Reeds:

The oak tree and the reeds is one of the beautiful short stories for kids. The story focuses on the oak tree and the reeds. The Oak tree was so proud of his strength but it down in hurricane because of its fake pride and tiny reeds that manages to survive the hurricane because of their humble nature. This Story will teach you, that one should always remain humble or else one has to suffer.

(Read Full Story Here)

Final Words About Short Stories For Kids:

Storytelling is the art that plays an important role in parenting and in the overall growth and development of the child. Children always love reading about different characters and story plots. The good habits and manners can be easily influenced by the moral stories on any child.

Reading stories gives children a chance to learn new things and develop their personality. The short stories for kids will help your child to enhance his/her listening, memorizing and communication skills.


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