Lazy Son

Lazy Son

Story of Lazy Son For Kids:

A rich moneylender used to live in a town with his wife and son. His son sunny was very lazy. Another hand the money lander was very hardworking he used to going to the shiv temple every morning before sunrise and after that, he used to take a round of his farm, stable and where all his business were spread. The moneylender was very upset with his son’s lazy attitude.

Moneylender- “Son, wake up! Let’s come with me to the farm and help me at work.” The Lazy Son – “Hhuuuu! Not now daddy. Let me sleep for alive.” The moneylender got very upset and went to the farm alone. After some days he got very sick and he died soon.

Even after the death of his father lazy son did not take any interest in his father’s business. Due to that, they were having massive losses in the business.  Seeing this sunny mother said to him, “Dear son! we are facing great loss in business.” Being arrogant he replied to mom, “So what can I do in this? I don’t have any knowledge of the business. Even I have never gone to the farm with dad.

Mother- “Do one thing! Your Grandfather lives in the next village. He has a great knowledge of this business. You go and meet him, he must be having a solution to this problem.” Sunny, “Alright mom I will go tomorrow only.”

The next morning lazy son went to his grandfather. Sunny-  “Greetings GrandPaaa!” Grandfather- “God blessed you son! Tell me how are you?”. Sunny-  “After dad’s death, we are facing a great loss in business. Mom told me that I should come to you for your expertise now only you can help us in this.” Grandfather replied, “Your mom is absolutely right. I have a solution to your problem.

Sunny-“Tell me, grandpa! Tell me quickly.” Grandfather-  “You just have to do one thing. Like your father, you have to go to the shiv temple every morning before sunrise and after that, you have to look after all your business. You have to do this every day.” Sunny agreed and said, “Alright! I will do this same what you told me

From the next morning, sunny starting waking up before sunrise, He first went to Shiv temple and after that, he goes to look after all his business. Every morning he goes to farms then ration shop after that to his table. It went on for a few days, seeing him coming to every day the labors were discussing with each other, “Did you see? That boss is coming every day to work now!” Another Labor- “Yes! It seems we need to stop all the scams now!” First labor- “Yes! Otherwise, we will be trapped!

Gradually all the labor saw that sunny taking rounds of the shop and farm and in the fear to be trap they stop all the scams. After the closure of the scam, the loss in the business also decreased and sunny and his mom gradually became rich again.

Sunny- “Oh, look mom! Due to grandpa’s advice, we again became rich.” The mother replied, “You are right son! You should go to your grandpa and thank him.” Sunny did what his mom told and he went to grandpa’s home. Sunny- “Grandpa, Thank you soo much! You have done a miracle. Just because of you our business has flourished again!” Grandfather- “My son, I have not done anything, you only have done all the hard work.

Sunny-“What! Me? but How?”  Grandfather replied, “This all was happening due to your laziness. Just because of your lazy attitude you were not focusing on your business. And the labor was taking advantage of that and do all the scams. But now, you are going to work every day. So they stopped all the scams in fear to be caught. And your business has flourished again.

By listening to his grandfather he realized his mistake and he left his laziness and started working very hard on his business.

Moral Of The Story:

“Laziness is a bad thing so we must complete our work on time by sacrificing our laziness.”

This is the end of the story of the lazy son.

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