Musicians Of Bremen

Musicians Of Bremen

Musicians Of Bremen Story For Kids:

The Musicians of The Bremen:

Once upon a time, a man had a donkey. When the donkey grew old and sick the man decided to kill him and sell his skin. The donkey understood his master’s plans and ran away and took the road to Bremen, “I will go to Bremen and become a musician.

On his way, he saw an old dog lying in the grass. Donkey asked the dog, “Dog, what are you doing here?” Dog replied, “I have become so old I cannot gather the sheep for my master like I used to so my master beats me!” Donkey- “Why don’t you come with me to Bremen we will become musicians there.” The dog agreed and the two new friends continued their journey.

In some time, they came upon a cat sitting by the road looking like the skies were about to come down on him. Donkey asked the cat, “ Cat! What’s wrong with you? Why do you look so sullen?” Cat replied, “ It is my mistress I have grown old and cannot chase the mice like I used to. So she has planned to get rid of me by drowning me in the river.

Dog- “Oh, that’s not nice! I have an idea! The donkey and I are going to Bremen to become musicians. Why don’t you join us you can sing a jolly tune too.” The cat liked the idea very much and made his escape with his two new friends.

They had only walked a while when they came upon a Cock. He was singing without a stop. Dog asked the Cock, “Cock! What is wrong with you? this is not the offer you to sing.” The cock replied, “Well my mistress is having a big dinner party over. And she has instructed the cook to cook me for soup. My head will be cut off this evening. So I am singing till my neck and throat are intact.

Donkey- “Is that it? We all are going to Bremen to become musicians. why don’t you come with us? After all, you already know beats and tunes!

And so the party set forth on their journey to Bremen which was still very far. As night fell, they felt tired and hungry. Cat said to everyone, “We must find a spot to eat and rest for the night.” Everybody agreed and they decided to look for a place to spend the night.

In some time, they came upon a lonely house its lights were lit and they could hear the sounds of fur gathering from inside. The cat climbed up a tree and peeped in from an open window.

Cat told everyone from the tree, “It is a gang of robbers. And they have delicious spread of meats and drinks before them.” Dog- “I could use a couple of bones with some meat right now.” Cock- “And I could with something to drink. My throat is parched.” Donkey- “Let us find a way to drive the robbers away.” The four friends huddled together and at last, came up with a plan to drive the robbers away.

The donkey put his front feet on the ledge of the window and the dog climbed over his back. The cat climbed on the dog and the cock flew on the top of the cat’s head. Once they were ready, they all performed their music together.

The donkey brayed, the dog barked, the cat meowed and the cup cock-a-doodle. The music was so loud that the windows of the house shook and threatened to come down upon the robbers. The robbers were scared by these unimaginable sounds and quickly flee from the house.

As soon as they were gone the four musicians took over the dining table and fed themselves fully. Once they were done, they switched off the lights and went to sleep. Donkey said, “I will sleep on the straw.”

Dog said, “I will sleep in the door.” Cat said, “I will sleep on the hearth by the warmth of the fireplace.” Cock said, “I will sleep on this beam of the house.”

A little away from the house the robbers watched as the lights of the house went off. The leader of the robbers said, “We should not scare like this. One of you go back in and tell what is going on inside the house.” And so one of the men made his way back into the house.

The house was so dark and quiet that he went to the kitchen to strike a light. But he mistook the cat’s shiny eyes for coal and put a burning match to them.

Shocked by the attack the cat jumped on the robber and scratched his face. This scared the robber and he ran towards the back of the door to find a way out of the house. But in the dark, he accidentally stepped on the dog that bit his leg.

All the commotion woke the cock and he came flying down to land on the robber’s head and cried, “Cock-a-doodle-doo! Cock-a-doodle-do!”  Ultimately the donkey kicked him out of the house with his hind legs.

The robber ran to the rest of the gang and said, “Chief! The house is haunted an evil witch lives there she scratched my face. At the door stands a man with a knife he cut my leg. In the backyard is a monster that hit me with a club. And on the roof sits a judge who screamed ‘Bring the knave up, do!’” Hearing this the robbers got on the horses and left the house forever.

But everything went so well for the four musicians that they decided to live in that house forever and never made it to Bremen.

Moral of The Story:

“Even when you think that nothing is working out. All you have to do is keep trying and things will turn around.”

This is the end Of the story of Musicians Of Bremen.

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