Pied Piper Of The Hamelin

Pied Piper Of The Hamelin

Pied Piper Of The Hamelin for Kids:

The Pied Piper Of The Hamelin:

Once upon a time, there was a town named Hamelin. The town was beautiful bustling with energy and wealth. But no sooner the happiness of the town was ruined by a plague.

Plague of rats! There were rats everywhere so much so that the people of the town didn’t even have a place to keep a step without tripping over the rats.

There were rats of every size, shape, every age, and color. Nothing worked as a remedy, not even the cats were able to control the plague of rats. Giving up, the authorities decided to announce a reward of 10 bags of gold to anyone who could help to get rid of the rats.

One day, a strange-looking man came to the town. He was dressed in their traditional dress but all red in color. With the long peculiar nose and big wide eyes, he adorned his head with a feather in his hat.

He went to the authorities and said, “I have a solution for your problem. I assure you, that not a single rat would live in this beautiful town. But I want 10 gold bags that you have promised as the prize.

The authorities were not very sure of his commitment but still allowed him to give it a try as they had no other option.

Soon the strange-looking man took out a Pied Piper from his pocket and started playing a very strange tune. Within no time all the rats started coming out and following him.

From every nook and corner of the town, so many rats came out that the whole street was filled with them. Very strangely the rod started following the Pied Piper who was playing the strangest tune ever heard.

The Pied Piper of hamelin took them to the town’s river and entered into it. In no time, all the rats mesmerized by his tune fell into the river and drowned. There were rejoices in the town. Celebrations all over. Soon the Pied Piper went to the authorities, to claim his prize money!

But since their work was done and they thought that this plague would never return the shun him off and asked him to leave without giving him a single penny.

The Piped Piper thought, “What selfish people are these? I did them a favor freed them from such a bad epidemic and all that they could care was to be greedy and ungrateful? Now, look! How I will teach these selfish people a lesson.

The Pied Piper took out his pipe once again and started playing another strange tune. A tune that no one had ever heard before! In no time all the children of the town mesmerized by the music started following the Pied Piper. The children were so lost in his tune that they didn’t realize that they have come out to the outskirts of the town.

The Pied Piper took them to a cave and let them in. He kept playing the tune till all the children were inside the cave. He then closed the cave with a huge stone. Only two kids were left in the entire town.

A boy who was hard of hearing and a girl who had hurt her leg so badly that she couldn’t keep up the pace with the rest of the kids. These two kids went back and told their parents about the Pied Piper and how he lured all the children into the cave.

Soon the authorities went begging to the Pied Piper and requested him to let the children out. This time they promised to reward him with twenty gold bags. The Pied Piper told them, “I don’t trust you any longer. I want my prize money beforehand.

Soon he was handed over his prize money and he left never to be seen again. The children were freed from the case and the parents hugged them and cried.

Watching this the authorities said, “We surely have learned a lesson. This man came out of nowhere and saved us from an epidemic. All that we did in return was to be selfish and ungrateful. He surely taught us a lesson of not to be greedy and selfish.

That night the town rejoiced and celebrated like a festival. It still said that in the town of Hamelin, if you ever go, and listen carefully you might hear the beautiful sound of the Pied Piper!

Moral of The Story:

“You should never be greedy and selfish.”

This is the end of the story, Pied Piper of The Hamelin.

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