The Poor Farmer

The Poor Farmer

The Poor Farmer Story For Kids:

Once upon a time, a rich man used to live in a village. Because of his high status, he was very arrogant. One day a poor farmer came to the rich man for help. A poor farmer- “Seth Ji, I need your help.” Rich Man asked, “What kind of help?

Poor farmer- “My fields were destroyed and I am jobless. My family members are so hungry. I have nothing to feed them.” Rich Man asked, “So How can I help you?

Poor farmer- “Seth Ji! Please, please lend me some money or give me a job.” Rich Man thought, ‘If I Give him money. He will not be able to return and my money will turn into bad depth I think I should give him work on my farms. After all, I also need some farmers.

After thinking that Rich man told him, “Ok Fine! I will give you work in my field, but I will pay you rupees 200 only. If you agree then come from tomorrow. Otherwise, you can go from here.” Poor farmer agreed, “I am Ok with that Seth Ji.

The next morning, he went to the field for Work. Now the rich man used to get all his work done by that farmer. But still, he used to give him only 200 rupees. Rich Man to farmer -“Take your 200 Rupees.”  Then poor Farmer- “Thank you, Seth Ji.

After some time the work of fields has been finished. Then the Rich man thought, ‘Now I don’t need that farmer, because he has already completed my field’s work. I think now I should tell him to go back.’ After thinking that He goes straight to the farmer and said, “Take your money and don’t come from tomorrow. You have finished my field’s work. Now I don’t need you

Poor farmer requested him, “Please Seht Ji, Don’t Shut me out of from this. I am a Poor man. I don’t have Money I need This Job.” Rich Man-“So whats shall I do. My farm work is over Now you take your money and go from here.

After saying this he terminated the farmer. The next morning, the farmer sat outside of the rich man’s house. When Rich man came outside, then he saw that the farmer sat there! The rich man asked him, “What are you doing here? I have terminated you.

Poor farmer replied, “Please Seth Ji! Don’t throw me out of this job. I really need it.” Rich man- “Hey you! Get out of my house. I don’t have any work for you.” The rich man got angry with him and thrown him out.

But the next day farmer again did the same thing! After seeing this the Rich man again asked him, “Hey You! again what are you doing here?” Poor farmer- “Good Morning Seth Ji! Only you can give me this job. Please, Seth Ji, give me some work.” Rich man- “I already told you, that I don’t have any work for you. Get out of here.

Poor farmer- “Earlier you were giving me 200 rupees. If you want, then you can give me only 100 Rupees. But please give me the job.” Rich man- “Don’t you understand Go from here and don’t come back again.”

The next day, the farmer again sat outside of the rich man’s house. And for somedays the same thing happening continuously. The rich man became irritated and he thought of an Idea, to get rid of that farmer, ‘This farmer is irritating me a lot. I should leave this city for a few days.

The next day, the rich man leave’s the city before the farmer comes. He took his family with him. And after a few days, The rich man came back home with his family. He was happy because he did not find the farmer sitting outside the home.

Till a few days everything was fine. But after some time the rich man thought, ‘How it can be possible now he doesn’t come here what happens to him? Did he got any job or something else? I have to find out!

After thinking this the rich man goes to find the poor farmer. he asked from other farmers about him, “Have you seen that farmer who was working in my field?” Other Farmers- “No sir, I have no idea about him.” Suddenly another farmer came there and Said, “Yes Sir! I know where is he.” Rich man- “Really! If you know then please tell me?

Another Farmer- “When you were not at your home, that time some theif came into your house. That farmer also sat there by luck. That farmer tried a lot to stop them and they fought with each other, because of this the farmer got injured. That’s why he is taking rest at home.

After hearing this the rich man realized his mistake. He went to meet him and told him, “I am sorry brother, I did wrong with you. I should not have done that. Take the remaining payment that I haven’t give you earlier.

Poor farmer thanked rich man.

Moral Of The Story:

“We should treat everyone well because we never know when that person who we act treating as a liability becomes a Savior.”

This is the end of the story of the poor farmer.

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