The Town Mouse And The Country Mouse


The Town Mouse And The Country Mouse:

Once a town mouse visited his cousin a country mouse for lunch. Country mouse welcomed the town mouse, “Welcome cousin it is so good to see you.” they enjoyed a simple meal of fresh acorn wheat stalk and refreshing cold water.

After that, the mice sat for hours and told each other stories from their lives. When it was night time they slept under the starry sky and were awakened by the gentle warmth of the morning sun. They continued talking over breakfast until it was time for the town mouse to leave.

Town mouse said to his cousin mouse, “Cousin, thank you for the lovely time. Why don’t you come with me and spend time in the town with me?” The country mouse was so impressed with the stories she had heard of life in the town that she readily agreed and left with her cousin.

By the time they reached the Town Mouse’s house in the town it was afternoon and they were both very hungry. The country mouse smelled the lovely aroma of the food leftover in the dining room where humans had just finished their lunch. The hungry mouse dashed towards it immediately when the town mouse called out, “Cousin! Watch out for the cat.

The country mouse scurried back to the hole in the wall where the cousin Mouse’s house was. Once the cat goes from there the country mouse tried to make its way to the food again. The town mouse, “No no! Wait for the servants and the house dog.” The country mouse once again rushed back into the hole in the wall as it saw a parade of servants followed by the house dog come in and clear the table.

The country mouse picked up his hat and bag and said, “Cousin I’m very happy for your cozy luxurious town life. But I am happy in my humble country life where there may be simple food but at least I can enjoy it at my will and with security.” And so the country mouse returned to her home no longer feeling envious of her cousin.

Moral Of The Story:

“Always be happy with life, the way it is!”

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